Manncorp Expands CR Series Reflow Ovens

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Recognizing the growing demand for smaller-footprint lead-free reflow ovens that are also more energy efficient, Manncorp has broadened its famous CR series with three compact, mid-range models that require less power to operate.

Included is the CR4000C with an overall length of 79” (200cm), 4 upper and 2 lower independently controlled heating zones and a 16” (400mmm) pin conveyor over a 20” (500mm) wide mesh belt. It sells for just $22,995.

The CR5000F, just 120” long (304cm), has independently controlled 5 upper and 5 lower heating zones and an 18” pin conveyor over a 22.5” (570mm) wide mesh belt. It is priced at $32,990.

Manncorp’s CR series of reflow ovens provide higher performance while occupying less space and consuming less energy. The three multi-zone models shown range from 79” to 164” (200 to 415cm) in length and feature pin conveyors over mesh belt widths to 22.5” (570mm). They are priced from $22,995.

For assemblers opting for a larger, higher throughput oven with more heating zones, there is the CR6000 with 6 upper and 6 lower independently controlled heating zones and an 18” (450mm) pin conveyor over a 22.5” (570mm) wide mesh belt. Its compact overall length is 164” (415cm), with the price $35,990.

All ovens include forced hot air convection, onboard profiling and KIC “Auto Focus Power” process optimization software. Manncorp CEO Henry Mann pointed out that each of the ovens can be modified to meet special applications for high thermal requirements, taller components, ultra-fine mesh belts for miniature parts, or slowing belt speed for curing. He also indicated that accelerated delivery is available on all models. For details, access MANNCORP-CR-REFLOW

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