PVA Highlights New Coating & Dispensing Solutions at IPC APEX

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PVA (Precision Valve & Automation, Inc.), currently celebrating their 20th Anniversary, will be showcasing its line of coating and automated dispensing equipment, as well as a variety of new options and accessories, at this year’s IPC APEX EXPO.

Demonstrating PVA's conformal coating capabilities is the PVA650 Selective Coating and Dispensing System with 4-axis motion. The system will also features the new DPCC Fluid Delivery System for conformal coatings which eliminates air bubbles when dispensing solvent based and moisture sensitive conformal coatings, as well as new tools in PVA’s Portal Software that provide more feedback, flexibility and improved aesthetics.

A PVA350 Bench Top Coating/Dispensing System will feature PVA's new Coating Inspection Option, available for all PVA selective coating platforms, that provides same cell UV inspection capability to check for coated and uncoated areas of a PCB. Also on display will be the recently launched PVA6000 Coating and Dispensing System. Configured to showcase coating capabilities, The PVA6000 will feature 3 axis motion, a FCS300ES Extended Spray Valve, a FCM100 Non-Contact Micro Dispensing Valve and Programming Camera.

The versatility of its product line is completed by with the PVA650SMT SMT Dispensing System. Focusing on applications such as underfill, LED, encapsulation, corner bond, and solder paste dispensing, the PVA650SMT will feature the new VPX100 Volumetric Pump for true volumetric dispensing of low-to-medium viscosity fluids. The valve provides drip free shut off when dispensing very low viscosity fluids and allows for shear free dispensing of fluids with abrasive fillers, which can become damaged when dispensing using other technologies.

All systems are backed by a global service network, including regionally trained technicians for fast response times.

Throughout APEX, PVA's knowledgeable staff will be available to answer your questions regarding all of their systems, valves, and options, as well as any general dispensing application questions.

About PVA

PVA is a global supplier of conformal coating systems and innovative fluid dispensing solutions that remain at the forefront of motion and application technology. PVA’s customer driven solutions are utilized worldwide in industries ranging from solar, semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board assembly, medical device manufacturing, and consumer electronics. Throughout the changing global manufacturing landscape, PVA remains committed to providing our customers with exceptional products and industry-leading global support.


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