SMTA Oregon Chapter Meeting to Focus on BTCs

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The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) Oregon Chapter will be holding a meeting, the presentation of which will focus on Bottom Termination Components (BTCs). With the release of IPC 7093, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Bottom Termination SMT Components, last year, the term BTC has become the newest acronym to enter the world of SMT.

BTCs are very much like the BGAs but without the balls. Excellent electrical and thermal performance combined with lowest package cost has made this package very popular especially in mobile products. However, the absence of balls changes practically all aspects of design and manufacturing SMT assemblies using BTCs. The connection between the package and PCB is essentially like a postage stamp, which poses challenges in both design and assembly of BTCs to achieve acceptable reliability especially if shock and vibration are considerations in your application. And achieving good yield is also a challenge since both the package and PCB must be perfectly flat. Any warpage in package and PCB has to be compensated by solder paste but too much paste creates voids and package floating and too little paste causes opens and insufficient solder resulting in premature failure.

Based on the design and assembly guidelines in IPC 7093, this presentation - Key Issues in Bottom Termination Component (BTC) Design and Assembly for Improved Reliability and Yield - to be provided by Ray Prasad of the Ray Prasad Consultancy Group, will focus on key issues in design and assembly to reduce defects and improve reliability.

A long time member of IPC, Prasad is currently the chairman of BGA committee IPC-7095 “Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGA”. He is also the Co-Chairman of IPC-7093 “Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Bottom Terminations surface mount Components (BTCs) such as QFN, DFN and MLF". Ray is also the past chairman of the Surface Mount Land Pattern (IPC-SM-782, now IPC 7351) and Package Cracking (J-STD-020) committees.  

The meeting will be held at Tektronix Building 38 in Beaverton, Oregon.

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