Revolutionary ESD Flooring Cuts Downtime

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Meeting delivery deadlines in an electronics manufacturing setting is crucial and when you have strict ESD Static Control requirements, meeting those deadlines can be challenging. Installing a glue-down static control floor means shutting down production while the old flooring is removed, the subfloor is prepared, the flooring is installed and the adhesive is given enough time to cure. All that downtime is costly and can significantly affect a company's bottom line. Plus, the dust from removing the old flooring and preparing the subfloor can be damaging to sensitive equipment and HVAC systems.  FreeStyle ESD™ free-floating, interlocking floor tiles can help with that.

An Installation You Can Rely On  

Right away FreeStyle ESD ™ saves you time and money because it requires minimal floor preparation and no adhesive or copper foil strips.  Its flexible composition, combined with its unique interlocking system and built in underlayment, allows FreeStyle ESD™ to be installed over many problem subfloors, including high-moisture concrete, stained, cracked, and irregular subfloors, and old flooring eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive floor prep.  And no adhesive means no curing, so once it's installed, you can get back to business as usual.

Unparalleled ESD Protection

FreeStyle ESD™ is the first and only decorative flooring system that is "conductive, connected and grounded" ™.  When the tiles are snapped together they become electrically connected and provide total electrostatic discharge protection for the entire static free zone.  Once completely installed and properly grounded, you are guaranteed to maintain a relative neutral state with your work environment.

Available in four colors, FreeStyle ESD™ is an attractive floor covering with a seamless look.  In addition, FreeStyle ESD's waffle backing offers more comfort under foot than other conventional static control flooring.

The Preferred Choice of Manufacturers

When a leading manufacturer of audio and control systems needed to upgrade the ESD flooring in 45,000 SF of production space, they chose FreeStyle ESD™ saying, "If you do a full cost analysis of FreeStyle ESD vs. glue down products, FreeStyle is a no-brainer.  It was easy to install and looks great."

For further information, please visit or contact StaticStop, Inc. at 1-877-738-4537.


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