Nordson to Exhibit at INTERNEPCON JAPAN

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Leading technologies for producing high value-added products will be displayed at the INTERNEPCON JAPAN trade show.

Leading mobile phone and tablet manufacturers throughout the world use Nordson Corporation equipment to perform a variety of critical processes in the assembly of PCBs, semiconductor packages, camera modules, MEMS devices, LEDs, speakers, touch panels, keypads, displays, ear buds and product housings.

The company will be demonstrating its latest technologies and product lines at INTERNEPCON JAPAN 2012, which will be held in Tokyo January 18-20, 2012. Engineers and product specialists will be available in booth #40-30 East (East Hall 5) to discuss attendees' manufacturing challenges, and demonstrate new ways to increase throughput and yields while reducing production costs.

"Nordson provides electronics manufacturers with a wide range of technologies to help increase yields and reduce costs," according to Greg Merk, Corporate Vice President Pacific South Division and Japan. "In addition, our global network covering more than 30 countries gives us the capacity to combine experienced local support with prompt delivery to keep our customers' production lines up and running at maximum efficiency and profitability."

Nordson's offerings at the show include:

Nordson ASYMTEK specializes in systems for dispensing, coating and underfilling on automated assembly lines. The Select Coat(R) SC-280 Film Coater selectively coats complex circuit boards in seconds. By providing greater than 99% fluid transfer efficiency, it improves material utilization by 30 to 50% and minimizes the overspray, masking, and rework associated with conventional conformal coating processes.

Nordson DAGE is a market leading provider of bond tester and X-ray inspection systems for destructive and non-destructive mechanical testing and inspection of electronic components.

The 4000Plus Multi-purpose Bondtester is the most advanced product on the market. It performs shear tests up to 500kg, pull tests up to 100kg and push tests up to 50kg, covering all test applications, including new hot bump pull and fatigue applications.

The XD7600NT Diamond X-ray Inspection System features the revolutionary new X-Plane(TM) system option which uses a proprietary, patent applied for, tomosynthesis, or CT technique, to create 2D X-ray slices in any plane of a PCB assembly without the need to cut the board.

Nordson EFD's precision fluid dispensing equipment provides fast, consistent application of adhesives, coatings and other fluids in manual and automated assembly processes.

PICO(R) Piezoelectric Dispensing Systems combine high production speed with exceptional deposit accuracy and process control, and are ideal for use on uneven substrates or hard-to-access areas. They are capable of making consistent deposits as small as 0.002 ul (2 nl), with continuous cycle rates up to 150 dots/second. The Ultimus(TM) V High Precision Dispenser brings a new level of accuracy and consistency to processes with fluids that change viscosity, including 2-part epoxies and other fluids that thicken over time as well as fluids that get thinner as ambient temperatures rise.

Nordson MARCH is the global leader in advanced plasma machine technology for the semiconductor, PCB, life science, hard disk drive, LED, and solar/photovoltaic industries. The AP-1000 Plasma Treatment System is designed to meet the rigorous demands of 24-hour operation in high-performance manufacturing environments. The system delivers quality plasma treatment along with unmatched reliability, safety and ease of operation and maintenance.

Nordson Adhesive Dispensing solutions set the global standard for improving manufacturing processes and product quality in packaging, assembly, nonwovens and converting operations. The JWS Extruder* simplifies application of the hot melt molding materials used to encapsulate critical components. Compared to other encapsulation materials, hot melts cure very quickly, reduce handling time and are environmentally friendly. The JWS Extruder heats and dissolves hot melt materials without damage, ensuring the highest possible performance. (* JWS Extruders are sold only in Japan.)

About Nordson Corporation

Nordson Corporation is one of the world's leading producers of precision dispensing equipment that applies adhesives, sealants, liquid and powder coatings and other materials to a broad range of consumer and industrial products during manufacturing operations. The company also manufactures equipment used in the testing and inspection of electronic components as well as technology-based systems for UV curing and surface treatment processes. Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Nordson has direct operations and sales support offices in more than 30 countries. Visit Nordson on the web at


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